Vietnamese pomelo likely to be exported to Australia

May 03, 2024 | Vietnam+ |

Vietnamese fresh pomelo may soon enter the Australian market, pending adherence to biosecurity conditions set by the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. The Vietnam Sanitary and Phytosanitary Notification Authority and Enquiry Point (SPS Vietnam) received a notification from the Secretariat of the SPS/WTO Committee No. G/SPS/N/AUS/588 regarding Australia's analysis of import risk for Vietnamese fresh pomelo.

For access, Vietnamese pomelo must comply with biosecurity measures targeting 19 specific organisms, including pests and diseases. These include Diaphorina citri, Brevipalpus phoenicis, and Bactrocera species. The conditions also entail requirements concerning cultivation zones, packaging facilities, and manufacturing sites.

Vietnamese pomelo, if meeting these criteria, could tap into Australia's market, expanding export opportunities. This potential market opening underscores the importance of adherence to international standards and regulations, ensuring the safety and quality of agricultural products traded globally. It represents a significant opportunity for Vietnamese pomelo growers to access new markets and diversify their export destinations.

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