China’s $4 billion lychee harvest devastated by extreme weather

May 14, 2024 | BNN Bloomberg |

China's lychee crop, valued at $4 billion annually, faces devastation due to extreme weather. Guangdong, the main production hub, suffers from an atypical warm winter and heavy spring rains, severely impacting harvests. Production, which reached 3.1 million tons last year, is expected to plummet to 1.65-1.75 million tons this year. Consequently, prices surge, affecting both domestic consumption and exports. Chen Houbin, a professor at South China Agricultural University, notes the anticipation for lychee season annually, with some consuming over 100 kilograms yearly. However, this year's higher costs may curtail such consumption patterns. The situation underscores the vulnerability of agricultural sectors to climate change, highlighting the need for adaptive strategies to mitigate the impact on food production and supply chains.

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