Avocado shortage warning as fruit smashed by climate change

May 13, 2024 | The Independent |

Climate change is threatening avocado production worldwide, affecting key growing regions like Mexico, Chile, and Peru. The volatile climate conditions, including hotter temperatures and reduced water availability, are diminishing productivity, prompting concerns about future avocado shortages. Each avocado requires an average of 320 liters of water to grow, exacerbating challenges in regions already facing water scarcity due to climate change.

In places like Burundi, farmers are grappling with erosion, heavy rains, and rising temperatures, impacting yields and livelihoods. Increased irrigation costs further strain resources, making avocado farming less economically viable. Projections suggest a potential 41% reduction in avocado-growing areas by 2050 if emission reduction efforts fall short, exacerbating production challenges.

Activists and experts advocate for urgent action to mitigate climate change's impact on avocado farming. This includes reducing carbon emissions, transitioning to renewable energy, and providing financial assistance to affected communities. Promoting sustainable farming practices that conserve water and enhance resilience is also crucial. Collaboration among governments, farmers, and international organizations is essential to address the climate crisis and safeguard the future of avocado production and food security.

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