A review on the scope of adoption of underutilized climate smart dragon fruit ( Hylocereusspp.) cultivation

December18, 2023| Applied Fruit Science |

Researchers from ICAR-Central Agroforestry Research Institute, India, conducted a study focusing on the production technology of dragon fruit, a valuable crop in the Cactaceae family known for its high nutraceutical properties, economic returns, low maintenance, and stress resistance. The study highlights the three widely cultivated species: Hylocereus undatus, H. megalanthus, and H. polyrhizus.

The research underscores the significance of improved agronomic practices in achieving quality yields of dragon fruit. Novel production techniques such as pruning, training, the application of plant hormones, and other horticultural practices are emphasized. Despite the available literature on these methods, there is a noticeable lack of comprehensive and consolidated information on dragon fruit production technology.

This review aims to fill that gap by compiling all relevant information related to the cultivation and production techniques of dragon fruit. The findings of this study are intended to be a valuable resource for both researchers and farmers, providing insights into effective practices for optimizing dragon fruit production.

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