KIK targets 500,000 coconut seedlings this year

June 13, 2024 | Post Courier |

Kokonas Indastri Koperesen (KIK) in Papua New Guinea plans to plant 500,000 coconut seedlings this year, part of a larger effort that has seen 1 million trees planted over four years in nine coastal provinces. The Coconut Replanting Programs aim to replace aging palms, promote intercropping, combat climate change, and boost food security. KIK supports farmers with free seedlings and new farming technologies through community-managed nurseries. Additionally, KIK promotes downstream processing to create value-added products like virgin coconut oil, soap, and cosmetics, aiming to expand beyond the current five products made locally from coconuts. This initiative underscores KIK's strategy to enhance coconut's economic potential and sustainability in Papua New Guinea, with a new nursery set to produce 5,000 seedlings every three months, ensuring ongoing supply to cover up to 200 hectares annually.

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