Taiwan mango exports to US to resume within 1-2 years

May 28, 2024 | Taiwan News |

Taiwan is preparing to restart mango exports to the United States after a nearly three-decade hiatus. Agriculture Minister Chen Junne-jih disclosed that Taiwan initially gained approval to export mangoes to the U.S. in 1992, but logistical hurdles hindered sustained exports. The transit time by ship exceeded the fruit's ripening period, while air transport was prohibitively expensive. Consequently, exports ceased after a single shipment in 1993, totaling 5 metric tons.

Recent efforts by exporters to send mango gift boxes to the U.S. prompted a requirement for a new food safety risk assessment before shipments could resume, Chen stated. Despite these challenges, Taiwan's longstanding success in exporting mangoes to Japan and South Korea, countries with stringent import regulations, bodes well for overcoming U.S. market entry barriers. Chen expressed optimism that mango exports to the U.S. could recommence within the next one to two years.

Additionally, Japan is reportedly preparing to import dragonfruit from Taiwan in the coming months, indicating Taiwan's capability to meet international agricultural standards. The resumption of mango exports to the U.S. not only signifies economic opportunities for Taiwanese farmers but also underscores Taiwan's agricultural prowess and adherence to global food safety standards.

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