Open Data
Gold Standard for the Global Goals
Gold Standard | Source | Methodology development | Carbon Registry |  The Gold Standard for the Global Goals is an innovative standard aimed at maximizing positive impact while minimizing risks, parti
Nori Carbon Solutions
Nori | Source | Methodologies | Carbon registry | Nori, founded in 2017, aims to combat climate change by scaling up carbon removal efforts. They've developed a comprehensive platform that simplif
American Carbon Registry
American Carbon Registry | Source | Methodologies | Carbon registry | The American Carbon Registry (ACR), founded in 1996 as the first voluntary GHG registry in the world, plays a pivotal role in the
COMET Farm: Whole Farm and Ranch Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Accounting System
USDA| Source |COMET-Farm™ is a powerful online tool aimed at harnessing the potential of agriculture to combat climate change. Developed by the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
Food And Agriculture Policy Decision Analysis Tool
Food and Agricultural Organiztion of the United Nations| Source | Data | Guide |The FAPDA policy database is a comprehensive global resource containing over 18,000 national policy decisions and 3,000
Voluntary Registry Offsets Database
University of Chicaco| Source | Data  | The Voluntary Registry Offsets Database, developed by the Berkeley Carbon Trading Project, consolidates carbon offset projects, credits, and retirements from ma
System of Environmental Economic Accounting
United Nations| Source  | Data  | The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) is a comprehensive framework merging economic and environmental data to offer insight into the interconnectedne
Greenhouse gas emissions from pre- and post agricultural production processes. Global, regional and country trends, 1990–2020
Food and Agricultural Organiztion of the United Nations| Source | Data | Analytical Brief | Agrifood systems play a significant role in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, contributing to one-third
A multilevel carbon and water footprint dataset of food commodities
Scientific Data| Source | Data | Scientific Data is a peer-reviewed open-access journal for descriptions of datasets and research that advances the sharing and reuse of research data. The primary cont
Net Zero Tracker
Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit| Source | Data |  The Net Zero Tracker is a collaboration among four esteemed organizations—The Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), the Data-Driven EnviroLab
EDGAR-FOOD: A global emission inventory of GHGs and air pollutants from the food systems
European Commission| Source | Data | Guide |The global food system encompasses various economic sectors and significantly contributes to anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) and air pollutant emissions.
Farm Carbon Toolkit
UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs| Source | Guide |The Farm Carbon Toolkit, established by farmers for farmers, aims to enhance understanding and action on greenhouse gas emissions i