GHG Emission Reduction
Carbon farming, overestimated negative emissions and the limits to emissions trading in land-use governance: the EU carbon removal certification proposal
April 10, 2024 | Environmental Science Europe | Source | Introduction: Researchers from University of Rostock in Germany examine the European Commission's proposal for a certification framework fo
Comparing the carbon footprints of urban and conventional agriculture
January 22, 2024 | Nature Cities |Introduction: Urban agriculture (UA) is seen as a key solution for creating sustainable urban food systems. In collaboration with European researchers, a US research
Analysis of the carbon effect of high-standard basic farmland based on the whole life cycle
February 09, 2024 | Scientific Reports |   Introduction: On May 7, 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and National Development and Reform Commission of People's Republic of China
Decarbonization of Agriculture: The greenhouse gas impacts and economics of existing and emerging climate-smart practices
November 03, 2023 | ACS Engineering Au | Introduction: A research team from Pacific Northwest Laboratory in the US explores regenerative agriculture (RA), digital agriculture (DA), and controlled envi
Land-based climate change mitigation measures can affect agricultural markets and food security
February 24, 2022 | Nature Food | Introduction: The study highlights the importance of considering agriculture and land use in climate change mitigation efforts alongside the energy sector.  A global
Defining national net zero goals is critical for food and land use policy
February 28, 2024 | Communications Earth & Environment | Introduction: Researchers from School of Biological & Chemical Sciences and Ryan Institute in Ireland, and The James Hutton Institute in UK joi
Development and validation of the motivation to avoid food waste scale
January 01, 2023 | Global Environmental Change | Source | Introduction: A significant portion of food is wasted globally, impacting the environment, economy, and society, such as contributing towards
Challenges and solutions for sustainable food systems: The potential of home hydroponics
January 17, 2024 | Journal of Cleaner Production | Source | Introduction: The world's population, increasingly concentrated in urban areas, poses challenges to sustainability and food security. Wi
Fertilizer management for global ammonia emission reduction
January 31, 2024 | Nature | Source | Introduction: Crop production contributes significantly to atmospheric ammonia (NH3) emissions, which pose risks to air quality, human health, and ecosystems. Howe
The quantification of carbon footprints in the agri-food sector and future trends for carbon sequestration: A systematic literature review
November 03, 2023 | Sustainability | Source | Introduction: The global necessity to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the agri-food sector while meeting the demand for quality food presents
Energy flow modeling and life cycle assessment of apple juice production: Recommendations for renewable energies implementation and climate change mitigation
February 10, 2020 | Journal of Cleaner Production | Source | Introduction: The demand for food due to population growth has led to the industrialization of food production, particularly in sectors lik
What contributes more to life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of farm produce: Production, transportation, packaging, or food loss?
January 01, 2022 | Resources, Conservation and Recyling | Source | Introduction: Addressing the global challenge of feeding a growing population sustainably, reseachers from University of California,