ICT in Agrifood Sustainability
An integrated approach of remote sensing and geospatial analysis for modeling and predicting the impacts of climate change on food security
January 19, 2023 | Scientific Reports |  Introduction: Climate change threatens agriculture, infrastructure, and local communities. Monitoring and predicting climate impacts on food security is essent
Enhancing climate change resilience in agricultural crops
December 04, 2023 | Current Biology |  Introduction: To ensure food security for a burgeoning global population, a 28% increase in global agricultural production is required over the next decade. Howe
Soil organic matter content detection system based on high-temperature excitation principle
November 30, 2023 | Computers and Electronics in Agriculture |  Introduction: Precision agriculture involves using advanced technology to optimize crop growth, and soil organic matter for crop growth.
Adapting crop production to climate change and air pollution at different scales
October 16, 2023 | Nature Food |  Introduction: Air pollution and climate change are interconnected challenges that impact field crop production and agroecosystem health. Adapting crop production to t
Enhancing Energy Efficiency of Greenhouses using AI-based Climate Control
February 28, 2023 | Advances in Applied Energy |  Introduction: Researchers from Cornell University in USA proposed the use of novel artificial intelligence (AI)-based control framework to enhance the
Automated Imaging System for Insect Pest Monitoring
August 31, 2023 | Computers and Electronics in Agriculture |  Introduction: Outdoor cultivation of mango faces challenges from insect pests and environmental factors. Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Precise irrigation water and nitrogen management improve water and nitrogen use efficiencies under conservation agriculture in the maize-wheat systems
July 26, 2023 | Scientific Reports |  Introduction: Over a three-year field experiment aimed at addressing underground water depletion and ensuring agrifood system sustainability, researchers from Int
Automated Tomato Fruit Detection for Efficient Harvesting
August 26, 2023 | Plants | Introduction: A recent collaborative study by National United University, Taiwan, and HCMC University of Technology and Education, Vietnam, addresses the need for efficient
Examining the Complex Interplay Between Irrigation, Climate, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
August 17, 2023 | Nature Food | Introduction: The study conducted by the University of Minnesota, Colorado State University, Chongqing University, and other institutions in the US and China delves int
Assessing the Impact of Crop Residue Cover on Agriculture and Soil Quality Using Remote Sensing
September 12, 2023 | Scientific Reports | Introduction: Crop residue cover (CRC) is a critical but understudied factor in agriculture's impact on both productivity and soil quality. Researchers fr
Harnessing Space Agriculture for Sustainable Earth-Based Controlled Environment Agriculture
June 29, 2023 | Nature Food | A collaborative research effort led by the University of Sheffield, University of Manchester, and Cranfield University in the UK has explored the potential of space contr
Internet of Plants: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Sensor Networks
August 03, 2023 | Nature Reviews Methods Primers | In the study conducted by researchers from Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University & Research, the focus is on introducing the conce