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Designing sustainability comprehensive indicator for the food supply chain under climate change: A systematic literature review
February 01, 2024 | Ecological Indicators | Source | Introduction: Researchers from Agricultural Sciences and National Resources University of Khuzestan and Shiraz University in Iran delved into the i
Using the system of environmental-economic accounting ecosystem accounting for policy: A case study on forest ecosystems
February 01, 2024 | Environmental Science & Technology | Source | Introduction: Ensuring effective policy-making requires robust scientific knowledge and reliable environmental data. However, challeng
Credit credibility threatens forests
May 04, 2023 | Science | Source | Introduction: Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits based in UK, in collaboration with researchers from UK, Netherlands, US, Brazil reviewed the current state of carbon
Comparing the carbon footprints of urban and conventional agriculture
January 22, 2024 | Nature Cities |Introduction: Urban agriculture (UA) is seen as a key solution for creating sustainable urban food systems. In collaboration with European researchers, a US research
The social value of offsets
July 05, 2023 | Nature | Source | Introduction: In order to achieve the goals set by the Paris Agreement, many governments and companies have committed to carbon emissions reduction programs. However,
The quantification of carbon footprints in the agri-food sector and future trends for carbon sequestration: A systematic literature review
November 03, 2023 | Sustainability | Source | Introduction: The global necessity to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the agri-food sector while meeting the demand for quality food presents
The nitrogen footprint of Swedish food consumption
September 29, 2022 | Environmental Research Letters | Source |  Introduction: The food we eat has far-reaching impacts on both the environment and our health. While much of the environmental strain or
Food systems are responsible for a third of global anthropogenic GHG emissions
March 08, 2021 | Nature Food | Source | Introduction: European Commission Joint Research Centre has developed a new global food emissions database, EDGAR-FOOD, which estimates greenhouse gas (GHG) emi
Rice cultivation and processing: Highlights from a life cycle thinking perspective
May 01, 2023 | Science of The Total Environment | Source | Introduction: Rice is a major food for over half the world, mostly grown in Asia. However, its cultivation harms the environment, emitting CO
Data-driven decarbonisation pathways for reducing life cycle GHG emissions from food waste in the hospitality and food service sectors
January 09, 2023 | Scientific Reports |  Introduction: The hospitality and food service (HaFS) sectors face a significant challenge with food waste, prompting the need for urgent action to address thi
Carbon footprint and environmental performance of agribusiness production in selected countries around the world
December 10, 2020 | Journal of Cleaner Production |  Introduction: The concept of the carbon footprint (CF) has become integral to understanding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and their impact on the
Evaluating food supply chain emissions from Japanese household consumption
January 15, 2022 | Applied Energy |  Introduction: Household consumption, particularly eating habits, significantly impacts greenhouse gas emissions and thus climate change. However, there hasn't