Climate Smart and Net Zero Toolkit
COMET Farm: Whole Farm and Ranch Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Accounting System
USDA| Source |COMET-Farm™ is a powerful online tool aimed at harnessing the potential of agriculture to combat climate change. Developed by the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
Farm Carbon Toolkit
UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs| Source | Guide |The Farm Carbon Toolkit, established by farmers for farmers, aims to enhance understanding and action on greenhouse gas emissions i
The MacKay Carbon Calculator
UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs| Source | Data | Guide |The MacKay Carbon Calculator is a tool designed to help users understand and predict future energy consumption and greenhous
Adaptation, biodiversity and carbon mapping tool (ABC-map)
Food and Agricultural Organiztion of the United Nations| Source | Data | Guide |The world faces interconnected crises—climate change, biodiversity loss, and land degradation—threatening sustainable de
FAO climate risk toolbox
Food and Agricultural Organiztion of the United Nations| Source | Data | Guide |The Climate Risk Toolbox (CRTB) is a freely accessible resource hosted on the Hand-in-Hand geospatial platform, develope
SENSES toolkit & the role of land for food production and climate protection
European Commission| Source | Data | The SENSES Toolkit is a distinctive set of user-centric visualization tools designed for understanding climate change scenario knowledge. This collection encompass
Data in Climate Resilient Agriculture (DiCRA)
UNDP| Source | Data | The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the State Government of Telangana, India have introduced Data in Climate Resilient Agriculture (DiCRA) to the Digital Public G
Climate and Soil Input Data Aggregation Effects in Crop Models
Open Data Journal for Agricultural Research| Source | Data | Guide |The Open Data Journal for Agriculture Research (ODJAR) serves as a pivotal repository for diverse agricultural research datasets wit
FarmVibes.AI: Multi-Modal GeoSpatial ML Models for Agriculture and Sustainability
Microsoft | Source   | Data   | Guide |FarmVibes.AI, developed by Microsoft, is a versatile platform designed for the development of multi-modal geospatial machine learning (ML) models tailored for ag
Ag Data Commons (USDA)
USDA | Source | The Ag Data Commons serves as a publicly accessible repository and catalog for scientific research data, specifically designed to facilitate information sharing and discovery within th
Roboflow Universe - Top Agriculture Datasets
Roboflow | Source | Database Founded in January 2020, Roboflow is on a mission to simplify computer vision for developers. They streamline data labeling and model training, making machine learning acc
Hackster | Source | Database   Farmery, born in November 2020, is an open-source smart farm management system powered by NodeJS, Vue.JS, and MongoDB. Its genesis arose from a global mission to equip f