Sustainable Food Systems Cannot be Postponed! – From the Marburg Gathering
November 20, 2023 | Arc2020 |  As the European Commission's agenda shows little progress on the anticipated European Framework for Sustainable Food Systems ahead of the EU elections, activists and
Jan 30, 2024
Lab-Grown Seafood, Explained
October 11, 2023 | |  The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports a consistent rise in global seafood consumption, driven by expanding fisheries and aquaculture. San Francisco-based
How Water Shortages Impact Food Security
July 25, 2023 | Earth.Org | Source  Water shortages significantly impact food security, which encompasses sufficient, safe, and nutritious food access for all. Several factors link water scarcity and
Aug 27, 2023
OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2023-32 maps key output, consumption and trade trends
June 7, 2023 | FAO | Source The FAO and OECD's Agricultural Outlook 2023-2032 predicts slower agricultural and food production growth over the next decade due to demographic trends. Global product
Aug 27, 2023
How climate-smart techniques are giving Thailand’s farms a boost
June 6, 2023 | Devex |Thailand is adopting climate-smart techniques in its agricultural sector to ensure a more sustainable food supply chain amid global food insecurity caused by climate change, conf
Jul 19, 2023