Carbon market and pricing
State and Trends of Carbon Pricing Dashboard
World Bank| Source | Data | Guide  | The State and Trends of Carbon Pricing Dashboard is an interactive online tool designed for policymakers, businesses, and researchers. It offers up-to-date informa
Gold Standard for the Global Goals
Gold Standard | Source | Methodology development | Carbon Registry |  The Gold Standard for the Global Goals is an innovative standard aimed at maximizing positive impact while minimizing risks, parti
Nori Carbon Solutions
Nori | Source | Methodologies | Carbon registry | Nori, founded in 2017, aims to combat climate change by scaling up carbon removal efforts. They've developed a comprehensive platform that simplif
American Carbon Registry
American Carbon Registry | Source | Methodologies | Carbon registry | The American Carbon Registry (ACR), founded in 1996 as the first voluntary GHG registry in the world, plays a pivotal role in the
Voluntary Registry Offsets Database
University of Chicaco| Source | Data  | The Voluntary Registry Offsets Database, developed by the Berkeley Carbon Trading Project, consolidates carbon offset projects, credits, and retirements from ma