The 13th National Economic and Social Development Plan, 2023-2027 (Thailand)

Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council, Thailand | Source | Download 

The 13th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2023-2027) serves as a pivotal level 2 strategy, essential for translating the national strategy into tangible actions. This framework operates as a blueprint for formulating level 3 plans, thereby facilitating collaborative efforts among developmental partners to align with overarching national strategic objectives. Governed by the National Economic and Social Development Council Act of 2018, the preceding 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan remained effective until September 30, 2022. This transitioned into a new 5-year phase, with the commencement of the 13th National Strategy on October 1, 2022, encompassing the fiscal years 2023-2027. This second 5-year period underpins the continued evolution of the National Strategy, with a focus on the agricultural sector's transformation towards high-value agricultural output and processed products. This transformation is predicated on the integration of technology to enhance productivity, diminish reliance on finite natural resources, and enhance the value of agricultural goods for the burgeoning high-value food industry.

The strategies aligned with this vision are as follows:

  • Expanding eco-friendly and high value-added sustainable farming models based on domestic success cases, such as farming related Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) economy, good agricultural practice, agroforestry, organic farming, agritourism, artisanal fishery, legal fishing, and good labor practice. (Climate Smart)
  • Improving the efficiency of farm management and post-harvest activities to reduce costs and increase the value of agricultural produce. (Digit Smart)
  • Developing an agricultural database and data repository system and encouraging the effective use of data (Digit Smart)
  • Enhancing the capacities of farmers and agricultural institutions (Digit Smart)