Food Vision 2030 - A World Leader in Sustainable Food Systems (Ireland)

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Food Vision 2030 is an ambitious strategy that envisions Ireland as a global leader in sustainable food systems by 2030. This initiative, launched in August 2021, aims to bring about profound changes within the Irish agri-food sector, benefiting not only the sector itself but also Irish society and the environment. The strategy was developed by a committee comprising 32 representatives from the agri-food sector and chaired by Tom Arnold. It outlines a vision and key objectives to ensure the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of the sector. The core of Food Vision 2030 lies in four missions and 22 goals with 218 detailed actions that provide a framework for progress toward greater economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Embracing an integrated food systems approach, Ireland aims to emerge as a global pioneer in innovative and sustainable food and agriculture systems. This vision entails producing safe, nutritious, and high-value food of exceptional taste while simultaneously safeguarding and enhancing the country's natural and cultural resources. Additionally, this endeavor seeks to contribute to the prosperity of rural and coastal communities, as well as the national economy.

The four overarching missions include:

  • A Climate Smart, Environmentally Sustainable Agri-Food Sector: This mission focuses on implementing climate-smart practices and promoting sustainability to ensure that the agri-food sector operates in harmony with the environment.
  • Viable and Resilient Primary Producers with Enhanced Well-Being: This mission seeks to support primary producers by bolstering their viability, resilience, and overall well-being, recognizing the critical role they play in the agri-food supply chain.
  • Food, which is Safe, Nutritious and Appealing, Trusted and Valued at Home and Abroad: This mission emphasizes the production of safe, nutritious, and appealing food products that are trusted and highly valued both domestically and internationally.
  • An Innovative, Competitive and Resilient Agri-Food Sector, Driven by Technology and Talent: This mission underscores the importance of innovation, competitiveness, and resilience in the agri-food sector, with technology and talent as driving forces.