FAO Tools for Greenhouse Gas Assessments

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Tools for greenhouse gas assessments

A series of tools and databases to support countries in assessing GHG emissions and removals from the agriculture, forestry, and other land use (AFOLU) sector through useful tools.


Estimating GHG emissions and carbon sequestration in agriculture, forestry and other land use with EX-ACT | PDF

EX-Ante Carbon-balance Tool | EX-ACT | PDF


FAOSTAT Emissions – Agriculture | Website

Global database of greenhouse gas emissions related to feed crops | Website

FAOSTAT Emissions shares | Website

FAOSTAT Emissions – Land use | Website

Global database of national greenhouse gas inventory capacity in developing countries | Website

FAOSTAT Emissions intensities | Website

GLEAM v 3.0 Dashboard | Website

Methodologies and guidelines

Ex-Ante Carbon balance Tool | PDF

EX-Ante Carbon-balance Tool for value chains | PDF

Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model (GLEAM): Model description. version 3.0 | PDF

Studies and reports

Emissions due to agriculture: Global, regional and country trends 2000–2018 | PDF


EX-Ante Carbon-balance Tool (EX-ACT) | Website

EX-Ante Carbon-balance Tool (EX-ACT) for value chains | PDF

Emissions overview | Website

Quality assurance/Quality control (QA/QC) and verification | Website

Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model (GLEAM) | Website

Collect Earth | Website

IPCC 2020. IPCC Inventory Software | Website

EPA. 2020. U.S. EPA Toolkit for Building National GHG Inventory Systems | Website

AFOLU Carbon Calculator | Website

Agriculture and Land Use national Greenhouse Gas Inventory software (ALU) | Website