Smart farms showcase innovative technologies to propel the aquaculture industry into new areas of smart energy saving (In Chinese)

August 26. 2023 | China Times, Taiwan |

The article discusses the initiative led by the Kaohsiung City Government's Marine Bureau to promote smart aquaculture equipment deployment in collaboration with National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology's aquaculture team and smart aquaculture equipment manufacturers. This collaborative effort aims to share intelligent aquaculture technologies, reduce aquaculture risks and labor requirements, and enhance the environment for setting up intelligent aquaculture systems, ultimately increasing fishermen's income and promoting sustainability and productivity in the aquaculture industry.

The director of the Marine Bureau, Zhang Hanxiong, visited the Gangshan aquaculture area to observe the successful aquaculture equipment integration and had discussions with fishermen, engaging in two-way communication. During this visit, the general manager of the Gangshan Aquaculture Fishery Development Association, Yeh Jitian, showcased and explained innovative technologies such as drone-assisted aquaculture, independent regional network aquaculture, energy-saving systems with rotating cameras, and smart hydroelectric systems.

Recognizing that electricity costs are a significant part of aquaculture production costs and with a goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the initiative aims to improve aquaculture efficiency and reduce carbon emissions by adopting energy-efficient, data-driven, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. These advancements are expected to enhance production efficiency, save energy, minimize waste, and support the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry. The Marine Bureau will continue to promote education on the latest aquaculture technology for fishermen, assist them in adopting smart aquaculture equipment through subsidies, and push for the widespread adoption of these innovative technologies to transform the aquaculture industry into a smart, energy-efficient era.