Soil Geographic Databases from ISRIC

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ISRIC – World Soil Information is an independent foundation with a mission to serve the international community as a custodian of global soil information. It supports soil data, information and knowledge provisioning at global, national and sub-national levels for application into sustainable management of soil and land.  Simultaneously, numerous national, regional, local, and non-governmental organizations contribute soil information specific to their respective areas, often adhering to their unique procedures and standards.

ISRIC's data offerings are diverse and encompass critical resources for soil research. Among their notable products are the SoilGrids, which provide predictive maps of soil properties and classifications at a high-resolution of 250 meters, with broader generalizations available at 1km and 5km resolutions. Additionally, they maintain the WoSIS Soil Profile Database and the WISE v3.1 harmonized Global Soil Profile Dataset, both of which serve as valuable resources for soil scientists and researchers.

In its pursuit of advancing global soil knowledge, ISRIC goes beyond fundamental soil parameters. The organization is committed to developing information layers for soil functional parameters such as carbon stocks, water-holding capacity, and land degradation indicators. An exemplary project in this realm is "Soils Revealed," a visualization platform that offers insights into the changes in global soil organic carbon stocks resulting from historical and anticipated land management practices. ISRIC has played a pivotal role in the creation of this platform, underscoring its dedication to advancing our understanding of soil on a global scale.