FAO Soils Portal

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The FAO Soils portal serves as an invaluable source of information and knowledge encompassing the various components and facets of soils. It underscores the significance and indispensability of this vital yet finite resource for a diverse audience, including policy makers, development planners, soil scientists, agricultural extension officers, students, and other practitioners.

This comprehensive portal offers access to an array of essential soil maps and databases, which include:

  1. Global Map of Salt-affected Soils
  2. Global Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Potential Map (GSOCseq)
  3. Global Soil Organic Carbon Map (GSOCmap)
  4. FAO/UNESCO Soil Map of the World
  5. Harmonized World Soil Database v1.2
  6. Additional Global Soil Maps and Databases
  7. Regional and National Soil Maps and Databases
  8. Soil Profile Databases