Automated Imaging System for Insect Pest Monitoring

August 31, 2023 | Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

 Introduction: Outdoor cultivation of mango faces challenges from insect pests and environmental factors. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is proposed as a solution, using data-driven and eco-friendly methods to control pests. However, collecting insect population data manually is labor-intensive, prompting the need for automation. Research team from National Taiwan University introduces an image-based monitoring system designed to automatically capture insect pest populations and environmental conditions in mango orchards, employing solar-powered sensors to periodically acquire and analyze images from sticky paper traps. 

 Key findings: A modular deep learning algorithm accurately detects and classifies major pests, even in non-laboratory environments. Deployed in a remote mango orchard for over two years, the monitoring system demonstrated its efficacy in the identification of pest hotspots.

Conclusion:  This innovative solution represents a breakthrough in smarter insect pest monitoring systems, promising improved IPM strategies for the sustainable cultivation of mangoes.

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Fig. | Automated imaging sysem for insect pest monitoring.