The Netherlands' Global Climate Strategy

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Scientists issue a dire warning, stating that we are one minute to midnight in the race to fulfill the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals. Urgent action is needed to curb global warming, biodiversity loss, and environmental degradation, as each temperature increase has irreversible impacts. The Dutch government, recognizing the urgency, is accelerating climate action, aligning with the European Green Deal.

The Global Climate Strategy outlines the Netherlands' commitment to strengthen responses domestically and globally. Initiatives include enhanced climate diplomacy, increased climate finance, phasing out support for unabated fossil fuel activities abroad, and promoting greener trade missions and infrastructure projects. The government pressures G20 nations for climate mitigation, supports countries transitioning to clean energy, and doubles the budget to conserve tropical rainforests.

In adaptation efforts, the Netherlands utilizes expertise in agriculture, land use, and flood prevention. Financial support for climate transitions in developing countries will rise to €1.8 billion by 2025, doubling public adaptation finance. The government encourages private-sector investment, exemplified by the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development.

Emphasizing equal focus on mitigation, adaptation, and finance, the Netherlands aims for a low-carbon, climate-resilient world by 2050. The strategy underscores the urgency, aligning with international agreements and urging global collaboration for a sustainable future.