Urgent Need to Consider How to Best Use Biomass in Europe

 November 08, 2023 | European Environmental Agency

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has issued a report highlighting the urgent need for prioritizing biomass use in the European Union (EU) due to increasing and competing demands. The report underscores the challenges and opportunities associated with using biomass for bio-based products, such as those in construction, energy, transport, furniture, and textiles. With the EU's ambitious climate goals and the potential shortage of biomass supply in the future, the report emphasizes the need for strategic decisions on biomass management to meet environmental and climate objectives by 2030 and 2050. It suggests specifying how nature protection and carbon sequestration can align with biomass production, preventing unsustainable practices, and promoting a more circular and cascading use of biomass. The report calls for careful evaluation of biomass feedstocks and products based on economic, societal, and environmental considerations.