UK: Nature markets- a framework for scaling up private investment in nature recovery and sustainable farming

UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs| Source Download |

Introduction: The Environmental Improvement Plan 2023 (EIP23) charts a comprehensive course to reverse centuries of environmental decline, underscoring the importance of sustained government funding. Recognizing the need for collaboration, the government sets an ambitious target to grow annual private investment flows to nature in England, aiming for £1 billion by 2030. Central to this strategy is the development of high-integrity nature markets, facilitating private investment in nature through transparent trading of units or credits.

Key Components of the Framework

  • Core Principles for Market Integrity: The framework establishes core principles ensuring transparent and positive outcomes, with a commitment to monitoring and supporting market development in line with these principles.
  • Rules for Participant Access: Clear guidelines are provided for farmers and land managers on accessing markets and combining income streams, with plans for further policy development in this area.
  • Partnership with British Standards Institution: A collaboration with the British Standards Institution aims to develop high-integrity nature investment standards, providing a foundation for the sound operation and scaling up of emerging markets.
  • Governance and Infrastructure Development: The framework outlines next steps to clarify institutional and regulatory roles, emphasizing the need for robust governance to ensure market integrity.