EarthStat - GIS Data for Agriculture and the Environment

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EarthStat, a collaboration between the Global Landscapes Initiative at the University of Minnesota and the Land Use and Global Environment lab at the University of British Columbia, provides geographic datasets to address the challenge of feeding a growing global population while minimizing agriculture's environmental impact. The initiative aims to offer valuable insights and data for sustainable land use practices, emphasizing the need to balance agricultural production with environmental conservation.

The EarthStat platform offers a comprehensive array of datasets, including:

  • Cropland and Pasture Area in 2000
  • Harvested Area and Yield for 175 Crops in the year 2000
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Croplands
  • Climate Variation Effects on Crop Yields for Maize, Soybean, Rice, and Wheat
  • Yield Trends and Changes for Maize, Soybean, Rice, and Wheat
  • Water Depletion and WaterGap3 Basins
  • Yield Gaps and Climate Bins for Major Crops
  • Nutrient Application for Major Crops
  • Total Nutrient Balance for 140 Crops
  • Carbon Stocks in Potential Natural Vegetation
  • Crop Allocation to Food, Feed, Nonfood
  • Harvested Area and Yield for 4 Crops (1995-2005)