The 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy Water and Environment Systems (AP SDEWES)

April 2-5, 2024| Hybrid | Gold Coast, Australia | Source |

The 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water, and Environment Systems (AP SDEWES) aims to address the fundamental challenges faced by Asia Pacific economies in achieving sustainable, inclusive, and balanced development. Building on the success of global SDEWES conferences, this regional series provides a platform for researchers and global experts to present research progress, discuss the state of the art, and outline future directions in various areas of sustainable development and regional integration. The conference focuses on methodologies, policies, and technologies driving sustainable development, with an emphasis on decoupling growth from natural resources, fostering a knowledge-based economy, and considering economic, environmental, and social pillars. The interdisciplinary approach of integrating life-supporting systems, utilizing excess from one system as a resource in another, and synchronizing various systems for mutual benefit aligns with sustainability goals. The AP SDEWES Conference serves as a significant meeting ground for researchers, facilitating the exchange and dissemination of new ideas.