Carbon Market Kickoff! New Zero-carbon Economy Forum focuses on Taiwan’s sustainable future (In Chinese)

December 26, 2023 | Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange

On December 22, Taiwan hosted the "Zero Carbon New Economy Forum" in collaboration with the Taiwan Stock Exchange and Taiwan Carbon Exchange, marking the launch of an international carbon trading platform. Government officials, including National Development Council Chairman Gong, Ming Hsin and Financial Supervisory Commission Chairman Huang, Tien-mu, joined over 300 corporate executives and ESG leaders to witness the milestone. Notable Taiwanese companies, such as China Steel, TSMC, and Cathay Financial, were among the 27 enterprises awarded certificates for their pioneering role in carbon trading, collectively purchasing 88,520 tons of CO2eq credits.

Taiwan Carbon Exchange CEO Tien, Jien-Chung highlighted the platform's key features, emphasizing its potential to assist domestic enterprises in meeting supply chain carbon reduction requirements. The event featured World Climate Foundation Chairman Jens Nielsen, providing insights into global carbon trading trends and commending Taiwan's efforts towards a net-zero future.

Panel discussions focused on the evolution of green regulations and policies, as well as the future opportunities and challenges of carbon trading. Experts emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts across sectors to achieve global net-zero goals. The discussions aimed to deepen understanding and lead enterprises towards a zero-carbon future, reinforcing Taiwan's commitment to sustainable practices and addressing climate change challenges.