Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Partnership - Climate toolbox and good practice database

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The NDC Partnership unites over 200 members, including 120+ countries and 80+ institutions, to address climate change and achieve the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. Governments define their climate action priorities, and the partnership offers tailored support in expertise, technical assistance, and funding. This collaborative effort helps developing countries efficiently access resources for climate adaptation and mitigation, promoting equitable and sustainable development. The NDC Partnership emphasizes the need for coordinated global action to tackle climate change's extensive impacts, emphasizing that collective efforts surpass individual contributions.

The Climate Toolbox is a curated and searchable database of tools and resources designed to support the planning and implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) related to climate action. It encompasses guidance, frameworks, templates, analysis tools, and links to other knowledge platforms, drawing from over 200 organizations. Aimed at government officials, implementing partners, and relevant stakeholders, the toolbox allows users to filter and search for resources based on sectors, themes, regions, scales, expertise levels, and languages. It includes tools, platforms, and technical support, with strict inclusion criteria focused on relevance, peer-review, and applicability to NDC planning and implementation.

The Good Practice Database (GPD) serves as a comprehensive repository of case studies on effective climate action, emphasizing learning and leadership. This joint initiative by organizations like PATPA, UNDP NDC Support Program, GCAP, and NDC Partnership offers an easily searchable collection of examples where countries successfully design and implement climate measures or overcome obstacles. With over 300 case studies covering various sectors, themes, and implementation stages in mitigation and adaptation, the GPD provides valuable insights for users seeking relevant information based on specific criteria.