COP28 agriculture, food and climate national action toolkit

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The COP28 Food Systems and Agriculture Agenda, established in 2023 by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Presidency, emphasizes the critical role of transforming food and agriculture systems to meet global climate change goals set by the Paris Agreement. The agenda, built on four pillars - national leadership, non-state actors, scaling up innovation, and finance, urges governments to integrate actions within national strategies, including Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).Under this agenda, a taskforce, including partners like WWF, Global Alliance for the Future of Food, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, collaborated to create the "COP28 Agriculture, Food and Climate Action Toolkit."

The Toolkit serves as a guide for national policymakers and decision-makers, offering summaries of priority actions, examples of well-integrated NDCs and NAPs, and an overview of existing initiatives and tools related to agriculture and food systems. The toolkit aims to support countries in strengthening the integration and alignment of national climate action and food system transformation strategies. It focuses on enhancing the integration of food and agriculture system transformation in NDC and NAP processes, contributing directly to Pillar 1 of the COP28 Food Systems and Agriculture Agenda. The toolkit's goal is to facilitate state-level action and mobilize the global community to sustain efforts in aligning climate action and food systems transformation beyond COP28, in line with international agreements and declarations.