5th Global Food Security Conference: Towards equitable, sustainable and resilient food systems

April 09-12, 2024| In-person | Leuven, Belgium | Source |

The 5th Global Food Security Conference aims to address urgent issues arising from climate challenges, the ongoing pandemic, and conflicts. Building on the momentum generated by the UN Food System Summit and recognizing the impending 2030 Sustainable Development Goals target year, the conference will unite science, business, and policy to drive essential food system changes.

Key themes include the journey towards net-zero, enhancing sustainability and resilience, addressing the true cost of food production, studying food systems dynamics, ensuring equity across food systems, governance and accountability, adapting to changing dietary demands, novel food sources and technologies, the future of farming, and creating robust sustainable food systems to minimize losses and waste. Join the conversation on reshaping food systems for improved health, environmental outcomes, and enhanced resilience.