Taiwanese small farmers lead the charge towards carbon neutrality (In Chinese)

March 04, 2023 | Credere Media, Taiwan |


In Taiwan's push towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, small-scale farmers are spearheading innovative solutions. Over 300 farmers across 270 hectares of land have joined the "Small Farmers Carbon Sequestration Project." Recently, their project design received Gold Standard certification from an international carbon reduction standard institution, marking a significant milestone in Taiwan's sustainability journey.

The project focuses on increasing soil organic carbon through sustainable farming practices, aligning with global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Utilizing the "Hardworking Farmers App," farmers log carbon reduction activities and transparently market their products, promoting accountability and consumer trust.

This initiative, developed in collaboration with the Green Consumers' Alliance and Weather and Climate Corporation, fosters a holistic approach to agricultural sustainability. By integrating innovative communication technology and transparent verification processes, it sets a precedent for global agricultural carbon reduction initiatives.

Moreover, the project aims to market certified farmers' products and design ecotourism initiatives, enhancing local agricultural exposure and rural economic development. Corporate participation is encouraged, offering an opportunity for impactful ESG investments that benefit the environment, agriculture, food security, and rural communities.

Through collective efforts and transparent verification processes, Taiwan's agricultural sector emerges as a beacon of innovation and sustainability, contributing to global climate action and paving the way for a carbon-neutral future.