Olam Food Ingredients sets ambitious carbon reduction goals for coffee supply chain

February 07, 2024 | Food Navigator Europe

Olam Food Ingredients (ofi) unveils its ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions in coffee production by 30% before 2030, aligning with its broader sustainability initiative, LENS. Utilizing a groundbreaking Carbon Sequestration Monitoring (CSM) tool developed with Google geo-spatial partner NGIS, ofi aims to precisely measure carbon footprints across its coffee suppliers' farms. The company's three-pronged strategy involves empowering farmers, promoting regenerative practices, and implementing carbon-sequestering initiatives. Such efforts are crucial given the significant environmental impact of food production, which accounts for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. With transportation identified as a major contributor, ofi's focus on agriculture underscores the multifaceted approach needed to combat climate change in the food industry. As climate variability threatens coffee production, such initiatives are essential for ensuring the sustainability of the industry.