Greenhouse gas emissions from pre- and post agricultural production processes. Global, regional and country trends, 1990–2020

Food and Agricultural Organiztion of the United Nations| Source | Data Analytical Brief

Agrifood systems play a significant role in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, contributing to one-third of total anthropogenic emissions. Pre- and post-production (PPP) activities, encompassing processes before and after the farm gate, represent over 33 percent of agrifood systems emissions, totaling 5.5 Gt CO2eq. To enhance understanding and address these emissions effectively, FAOSTAT has launched a dedicated statistical domain focusing on PPP emissions. This domain consolidates previously dispersed data into a single, comprehensive dataset, facilitating informed policymaking and mitigation strategies. By providing up-to-date information on PPP emissions and underlying activity data, researchers and decision-makers gain valuable insights into the interconnectedness of agrifood system activities, enabling targeted interventions to reduce emissions and combat climate change.


Figure | Change in global pre- and post-production emissions by component.