System of Environmental Economic Accounting

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The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) is a comprehensive framework merging economic and environmental data to offer insight into the interconnectedness of the economy and the environment. It establishes standard concepts, definitions, and accounting rules for internationally comparable statistics. Following a structure akin to the System of National Accounts (SNA), SEEA ensures consistency in terminology and facilitates the integration of environmental and economic statistics. This versatile system produces various statistics, accounts, and indicators applicable across diverse analytical contexts. It offers adaptability to countries' priorities and policies while maintaining a unified framework, promoting a common understanding of environmental and economic interactions.

ARIES (Artificial Intelligence for Environment & Sustainability), developed by BC3, is an open-source platform aiding environmental sustainability modeling. ARIES for SEEA Explorer lets users worldwide swiftly create ecosystem accounts conforming to SEEA standards. It's accessible on the UN Global Platform, simplifying official statistics development. The tool, accessible via web browsers or k.LAB software, automates data integration and model selection using AI, making ecosystem accounting user-friendly. Future plans include enhancing functionalities and adding ecosystem types and services. Users can register on the Integrated Modeling Hub and contribute feedback. ARIES for SEEA supports global SEEA Ecosystem Accounting implementation and aims for data and model interoperability.