EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework

European Commission | Source Download

The EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF) is a crucial step in amplifying carbon removal efforts and combatting greenwashing. By providing a transparent mechanism for businesses to demonstrate their commitment, CRCF contributes significantly to the European Green Deal's objectives.

  • About Carbon Removals and Carbon Farming: Carbon removal and carbon farming encompass innovative strategies to capture CO2 from various sources and store it in long-term reservoirs like geological formations, forests, soil, or products.
  • Role in the European Green Deal: Achieving climate neutrality by 2050 demands not only substantial greenhouse gas reductions but also effective carbon removals. The CRCF Regulation, bolstered by complementary initiatives, sets the stage for boosting carbon removal activities across Europe.
  • Certification Scope: Under CRCF, projects involving permanent carbon removals, carbon farming, and carbon storage in long-lasting products can obtain certification. High-quality carbon removals adhere to rigorous EU criteria for quantification, additionality, long-term storage, and environmental sustainability.
  • Next Steps: Following adoption, implementation steps include establishing certification methodologies, verification rules, and an EU-wide registry, with a tentative timeline for entry into force by the end of 2024.
  • Expert Group on Carbon Removals: Comprising diverse expertise, the Expert Group advises on tailored certification methodologies. Ensuring broad representation, this group facilitates knowledge exchange and best practices to refine carbon removal certification processes.