Gold Standard for the Global Goals

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The Gold Standard for the Global Goals is an innovative standard aimed at maximizing positive impact while minimizing risks, particularly in climate security and sustainable development initiatives. Established in 2003 by WWF and other NGOs, it ensures integrity, credibility, and high-quality outcomes for projects addressing climate and sustainability challenges.

Key to its approach is the integration of robust methodologies, guidelines, and safeguards, ensuring credible measurement, reporting, and verification of impacts. Gold Standard-certified activities must align with at least three UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), emphasizing inclusivity, gender sensitivity, and stakeholder engagement.

Unique to Gold Standard is its commitment to climate justice, ensuring projects benefit marginalized communities and contribute to broader societal goals. Its certification process involves independent verification, grievance mechanisms, and adherence to strict environmental and social standards.

Gold Standard's methodology approval process ensures transparency, stakeholder involvement, and adherence to best practices. By upholding high standards of integrity and credibility, Gold Standard aims to drive financial support towards impactful climate and sustainable development initiatives worldwide.

Gold Standard-certified carbon credits support climate protection projects while fostering sustainable development in communities. Each project contributes to at least three UN Sustainable Development Goals. Proceeds from credit purchases aid project maintenance and expansion, maximizing impact. Buyers receive a unique certificate linking to the Gold Standard Impact Registry for transparency. The Gold Standard Marketplace facilitates the sale of credits from project developers to individuals and organizations. An optional Marketplace Integration Kit allows third-party websites or apps to sell credits using an API, enhancing project exposure and increasing financing. Developers can opt-in to this service for broader visibility and streamlined finance distribution.