Unlock nature’s potential to mitigate climate change with naturebase

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Naturebase is a web platform focusing on natural climate solutions (NCS), which involve protecting, managing, and restoring nature to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and store carbon. It offers scientific data on the emissions reduction potential of various pathways globally, alongside information on ecosystem and human benefits. This facilitates informed decision-making for effective climate action. Developed by global experts and supported by the Nature4Climate coalition, Naturebase aims to harness nature's potential for mitigating climate change while promoting livelihoods and biodiversity.

The platform covers 18 out of 25 NCS pathways and activities, such as reforestation, savanna burning, and mangrove protection, with additional data on other pathways forthcoming. It ensures accuracy in data presentation, although global and national totals for mitigation potential may increase as new pathways are integrated.

Naturebase is built upon transparent, open-source, peer-reviewed science and serves as a free online tool without promoting specific brands or including for-profit features. It addresses data accessibility gaps that often hinder action in the environmental sector.