Actions to transform food systems under climate change

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The current state of global food systems is inadequate, marked by failures in production, nutrition, equity, and environmental sustainability. Climate change exacerbates these challenges, demanding immediate attention to prevent catastrophic consequences.

Challenges and Targets: Existing targets, such as zero hunger by 2030 and climate mitigation goals, remain unmet. Climate-related disasters are escalating, threatening vulnerable populations. Urgent action is needed to avert a crisis.

Proposed actions: Eleven transformative actions are proposed, each with defined goals, mechanisms, and target areas. Collaboration among stakeholders is essential, with roles outlined for agencies, initiatives, and organizations

  • Area 1 Reroute Farming and Livelihoods: Promote climate-resilient practices, reduce inequality, and ensure dietary needs are met.
    • Action 1.1 Ensure zero agricultural land expansion on high-carbon landscapes
    • Action 1.2 Enable markets and public sector actions to incentivize climate-resilient and low emission practices
    • Action 1.3 Support prosperity through mobility and rural reinvigoration
  • Area 2 De-Risk Livelihoods: Implement inclusive early warning systems and adaptive safety nets to mitigate the impact of extreme weather events.
    • Action 2.1 Secure resilient livelihoods and value chains through early warning systems and adaptive safety nets
    • Action 2.2. Help farmers make better choices
  • Area 3 Reduce Emissions from Diets: Encourage dietary shifts and minimize food loss and waste to curb emissions.
    • Action 3.1 Shift to healthy and sustainable climate-friendly diets
    • Action 3.2 Reduce food loss and waste
  • Area 4 Realign Policies and Finance: Redirect subsidies, promote equitable trade, and mobilize private sector investment to build resilient food systems.
    • Action 4.1 Implement policy and institutional changes that enable transformation
    • Action 4.2 Unlock billions in sustainable finance
    • Action 4.3 Drive social change for more sustainable decisions
    • Action 4.4 Transform innovation systems to deliver impacts at scale.