2025 12th International Conference on Asia Agriculture and Animal (ICAAA 2025)

January 17-19, 2025 | In-person | Osaka, Japan | Source 

The 12th International Conference on Asia Agriculture and Animal (ICAAA 2025) , since its inception in Hong Kong, gathers scholars, researchers, and industry professionals from around the globe.

  • Advanced Machine Systems
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Agricultural Ergonomics
  • Agricultural Production and Food Safety
  • Agricultural systems
  • Agricultural waste management
  • Agro-industry
  • Animal Agriculture in the Globe
  • Animal Health & Welfare
  • Animal Protein and fibre products
  • Aquaculture and Biosystems Research
  • Biological natural resource engineering
  • Bio-machine systems
  • Bioprocess and Biosystems
  • Biotechnology for Livestock, Pests and Aquaculture
  • Cutting Edge Science for Future Animal Agriculture
  • Ecological Engineering
  • Emerging public concerns with animal agriculture
  • Emerging technologies in Agriculture and Livestock
  • Energy in agriculture
  • Environmental constraints to animal agriculture
  • Food Engineering and biotechnology
  • Food safety and Bio-process engineering

  • Food security
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Food traceability and safety
  • GPS and GIS technologies
  • Industry Transformation - Case Studies
  • Livestock Biotechnology
  • Livestock building design for animal welfare and health
  • Livestock Production
  • Mammary development and lactation - a vision for functional genomics
  • Meat and allied industries
  • Nanotechnology in agriculture
  • Power and machinery in agriculture
  • Precision farming and variable rate technology
  • Research for improved animal fibre products
  • Soil and water engineering
  • Structures and environment
  • Terramechanics
  • The post-genomic future for genetic selection of livestock
  • Traceability of animal source foods
  • Watershed design for water quality protection elsewhere
  • Delivery of the final product
  • Biotechnology applied to production of new and better quality food